Virtual Space: Our New Reality

Nov 23, 2020

"It has become clear that one of our technologies has surpassed our humanity" great lines by Sir Albert Einstein, which in today's world has become true. As we can observe that after this Covid -19 pandemic has hit the globe, shifting towards online platforms has become the need of the hour. Our whole education system is shifting to online classes. Even the Karnataka High Court in its latest order stated that a ban over the online classes would be the violation of Article 21 (Right to life and liberty) and Article 21A (Right to Education). Not only the education system but the E-commerce sector, Social media platforms etc. have experienced a huge boost.

Moreover, India is getting ready to launch new emerging technologies like 5G, Optic Fiber, Virtual Reality, Advance digital learning and artificial intelligence. And in the time of complete digitization, the role of Cyber laws and E-Commerce laws become far more important. Promoting new technology has become necessary for the development of the nation, but protecting our citizen's rights and controlling cyber-crimes and cyber abuse is equally important. And this is the time when Cyber laws come into play. The regular amendment should be done according to the requirement.