Pendency of Case

Jun 4, 2020

National Judicial Data Grind (NJDG) has the data of the Courts. The overall cases in India including disposed-off are 133.24 Million. In a Webinar Hon’ble Justice DY Chandrachud shared the data about Pendency of cases in India. According to NJDC there are total 32.45 Million pending cases out of which Civil Cases are 9.045 Million and Criminal cases are 23.39 Million. The matters which are disposed-off are 98.20 million. A data in the form of percentage was given which laid down how many matters are pending and how old are they: 32% cases are less than one year old; 28% are pending for one to three years; 15% cases are three to five years old; 15.28% cases are five to ten years old; 7.1% cases are ten to twenty years old; 1.28% cases are twenty to thirty years old; 0.26% cases are older than 30 years. Out of these pending matters their priority is to deal with the matters that are older than 10 years. The data of cases emerged in Pandemic situation was also shared. 3,049 civil cases have been reported in past few months and 90,742 criminal matters. 832 civil and 40.095 criminal matters have been already disposed-off.