Jun 4, 2020

‘Paperless certified copy service’ is a tool that provides online certified copies of judgments/orders to advocates and litigants. In order for the advocates to utilize this facility, they need to register in the E-courts portal and log in to it. The are provided with the option of picking either an interim order or a final judgement upon entering the relevant case number, post depositing the requite fees electronically. Once the fee is deposited, the message goes to the concerned section of the High Court instantly and affixes a digital signature thereby issuing the certified copy, that will be shared with the concerned advocate through his registered email. This feature is gaining prominence, in context of the current pandemic, to enhance ‘ease of doing business’. Madhya Pradesh High Court became the first court in the country to provide online certified copies to advocates and litigants, followed by the District and Sessions Court of Jabalpur. Recently, in May 2020, the Kerala High Court, followed suit. The world-wide move towards digitalization as a medium for communicating and recording ideas, concepts, arguments, presentations etc. coupled with the inefficiencies of a paper based system, makes it an imperative.