Oct 21, 2020


The doctrine of standing or we can say standing to sue, is created by the Court. This doctrine will determine whether the Court will hear on a particular federal suit or not. The Court held that the plaintiff in the lawsuit is responsible for proving his "standing to sue". There is no legislative support for this doctrine. The terms and conditions of this doctrine are entirely at the discretion of the Court and thus many times in the history of the Court it has been amended, altered for specific court lawsuits. By using this lawsuit, the Court decides the jurisdiction in the lawsuit. Standing is said to be the party's right to make a legal claim for seeking the jurisdiction of duty or right. 


In New York, statue 18.06.1 The Quiet Music Law made. After 10 p.m Rock Music was prohibited. Peter got too much tense & sue in the Court about the unconstitutionality of that law because he is a rock Musician & he plays after 10 p.m regularly and because of that law Peter suffers the injury afterwards Court declares its unconstitutional & Peter can play rock music regularly after 10 p.m.