Oct 20, 2020


Law of domicile comes under the Succession Act of India, 1925 (Chapter 2). According to law, domicile means the status of living a permanent resident in a particular jurisdiction. The place to be seen as the acceptable domicile of a person, there should be enough evidence to the effect to see that the person has the said domicile as his permanent abode. Generally, the meaning of domicile is the permanent home. A person is said to have a home in a country where he lives permanently without moving. Within a country, domicile is determined through a state, but it is limited to a country, where the person lives beyond the shoes of his country.


Aman is a citizen of India who had lived all his life from his birth in London. He has lived his life according to the English culture, but still, he insists that he is an Indian, and after his death, his remains must be buried as per the Indian culture and religion.