Nov 19, 2020

The Center for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) is a not-for-profit organization founded in the year 2009 by Jayana Kothari and Sudhir Krishnaswamy in Bangalore, Karnataka.

The reason for the establishment of this organization was to be an organization to conduct legal research dedicated to the rule of law and to protect constitutional values.


The purpose of CLPR is to maintain and promote legal education and public research policy by keeping an eye on the law and address situations that raise concerns for discrimination and inequality and create policies using meticulous social science research and analysis.


  • CLPR develops strategies that are found in basic constitutional and human rights values. To promote research and related matters, it joins forces with organizations, institutions, and programs.
  • It develops and promotes strategies that are grounded in core constitutional and liberal human rights values which facilitate the interests of the community which they represent. For example,- a person with disabilities, women and girls, transgender people, and sexual minorities.
  • It takes an interdisciplinary approach for public interest intervention and legal research, which is built on an independent analysis of the law. Through this, it aims to provide improved access to justice to the side-lined groups and equip the people to assess their socio-political situations.
  • They are devoted to the strategy of advocacy who through law reform, policy advocacy, research, and through the tactical legal process in the various courts, delivers superlative impact.


The team of CLPR consists of lawyers and advocates who work for the welfare of society and the underprivileged. It also consists of academicians and research organizations with whom they collaborate on various projects to make considerable scholarly contributions to matters related to law and policy.


  1. Constitutional Culture

CLPR tries to understand the origins of our Constitution and tries to assess its evolution through all these years through the medium of research and citizen education.

  1. Governance Reform

CLPR has prompted that administration, which leads to a sustainable environment, is crucial in improving the quality of life of the citizens in the country.

  1. Disability Rights

CLPR, through its research and litigation practice, has been influencing the discussion of the law of disability in India.

  1. Gender & Sexuality
  • Reproductive Rights

The policy research, law, litigation, and interference of CLPR accelerates the self-determination in women and adolescent girls. The main focus of this organization is on the law which prohibits child marriage.

  • Violence Against Women

CLPR works on the research and policy work on the laws which relate to the violence against women, which includes sexual harassment at the workplace, reformation of laws related to rape, etc.

  1. Transgender Rights

CLPR has been providing legal support and creating awareness in the public areas regarding transgender rights.

  1. Discrimination & Intersectionality

CLPR’s primary focus on coping with discrimination based on sex, gender identity, disability, and caste resulted in high impact litigation and penetrating social science research on intersectionality.


  • CLPR is involved in litigation work in the High Court of Karnataka and subordinate courts. It is involved in litigation matters through Public Interest Litigations (PILs) related to disability laws, urban infrastructure development laws, and tobacco regulation laws.
  • It has also undertaken thorough research that is tailored to author textbooks which are advisable for law students. For the benefit of the law students, the CLPR is on its way of authoring Constitutional Law and legal Methods books.
  • It has commenced projects in pre-legislative recommendations form to proposed.