Jun 6, 2020

India signed agreement for cooperation in farm sector with 20 international boundaries in last half a decade which has assisted India for getting benefited from the best farm practices adopted elsewhere in the world, the last agreement of agriculture was signed with Poland as being approved by the Cabinet.

In the era where each and every sector is progressing and spreading its presence like fire, agricultural sector also does not lack behind, every country is aiming to provide best food facilities to its citizens and to fulfill this aim they are collaborating with other nations as the cooperation in agricultural technology will lead to innovative techniques in the farm sector which would ultimately help in strengthening food security system. 

The latest agreement with Poland covers various activities such as:

  • Exchange of information on current situation in agriculture
  • Phytosanitary conditions of crops
  • Threats posed by harmful organisms 
  • Threats posed by animal infection


Salient features

  • Market Access- this section talks about tariffs reduction and opportunities. The market access requires that all countries should individually reduce to equivalent tariff in order to allow free trade and globalization. Beneath this, the AOA required the shift of all non-tariff barriers into tariff barriers.
  • Domestic Support- to reduce the price exaggeration and unfair trade practices it agricultural world trade the aggregate domestic support should be below the level of Minimis i.e 3 years for developed nation and 5 years for under developing nation, in order to reduce the subsidies given by the government for agricultural and allied activities within the country.
  • Export Subsidy-this aims to protect the poor farmers in home countries especially in developing countries, by reducing export subsidies and banning new subsidies.