2020 Onwards…...?

Oct 21, 2020

The world has been able to normalize the evils of the human-made destruction to the Earth for a long time, be it crimes, corrupt world leaders, genocide, greedy urbanization or global warming. The time has come when nature has lashed out its fury through a virus invisible to the naked eye. The Covid-19 fear is widespread to even the most remote places around the globe and it's ironic as to how the humanity that achieved to fly to Mars is brought to a standstill due to the tiny virus.

Corona Virus has affected every aspect of the working world. The basic etiquette of human interaction of handshake is a serious threat to anyone today. At a personal level, masks and gloves will find a place in one's travel pack anytime any-day, standing in a queue is the rule and cutting the queue will be an exception, social meetings will lessen, travelling far will probably be a distant dream, isolation will result in worsening mental condition.

The education system has leapt to a progressive state and will continue virtually for decades to go. The technological resistance will be gradually shed by educators and management alike. There will be investment and encouragement in digitized education by private as well as public bodies. Education may become cheaper in future if virtual education becomes the tangible medium contrary to traditional contact classes. Home-schooling will gain popularity.

The manner of employment will undergo a huge transformation. Work from home will become a new rule. Automation of work will render several jobs to be redundant. Hiring will freeze for the foreseeable future. Industries will promote virtual space for work as it cuts down on rent and establishment. International work opportunities may emerge for talented individuals.

The consumption pattern will change to a very economical level as one is now seasoned to an abrupt change in lifestyle. Real Estate industry will be less profitable due to shifting to the digital arena. The government will need to speed up in e-governance sooner as the new normal will not incorporate busy, rushed offices. 

As per an article by the McKinsey and Company, India will have to prioritize the following for the corporate field, " making balance sheets and cost structures more resilient, reshaping business portfolios for greater value creation, embedding digital and analytics to transform legacy businesses and build new ones, building greater safety, flexibility, and productivity into operations, embracing systems thinking in corporate decisions.”

The attention towards health and sanitation will increase in the general public. The stakeholders at the highest levels will gear up in healthcare-related to vaccine and immunity research to avoid or prepare the globe for any such pandemic in future.

The pandemic has taught the world that the uncertainties that lurk around the world's peace are not subject to a specific category of people, rich or poor, young and old. The pandemic has put everyone on toes to be afraid and responsible for each action that one undertakes. 

Johns Hopkins’ Toner says, “If we're lucky and fast-track this, we may have a vaccine within a year or two, but it could be three or five years or longer. My hope is we can learn from this painful lesson. We're not going back to how things were, but with new precautions and new habits, we'll be better prepared for the next superbug du jour.”

Mental Wellbeing will be the most sought-after thing, post-Covid-19. “The world might be a different place when we get out of the thing," says Professor Vijaya Manicavasagar who practices as a senior clinical psychologist in Black Dog Institute. A stronger sense of community will enter the societal sphere where everyone will experience humanity and practice; it is what is the opinion of the Professor.

The nations are striving to provide for the citizens the care they need, the opportunities and the protection. It is the duty of the citizens at present to think rationally and adapt to their lifestyle Covid-19 preventive measures and enable the state to achieve the ideal goal.  This pandemic can be survived by humanity with less negative externality only, and only if the government and citizens find common ground that is the realization of what is at stake, which is the lives of millions.