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Documents Required

Some Essential Documents required to get your company registered
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PAN card or passport

These documents are required for personal verification

Address Proof

Updated gas or electricity invoice/bank account statement/mobile or landline phone invoice


Passport-size photo and specimen signature or impression is also required

Assignment Deed

Assignment deed or application form endorsed by the inventor (if the inventors are not the applicants)

English Translation

Verified English translation of the priority application (required for convention applications)

Priority Application

Certified copy of the priority application, if requested by the controller

Required Permissions

Permission from the National Biodiversity Authority

Sequence Listing

Sequence listing in computer-readable text format (if any) (no print form is required to be submitted)

How the process goes

A simple process to get you organization registered

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Frequently asked questions

The invention that can be patented could be

  • Art, process, method or manner of manufacture
  • Machine, apparatus, or other articles
  • Substances produced by manufacturing
  • Computer software with technical application to industry or used with hardware
  • Product patent for food, chemicals, medicines, and drugs

20 years

Details of the invention in the form of CD or a pen drive mentioning the name, comparison with other existing products, uses and data of publication (if any). The information of the applicant should also be provided.

After the expiration of the patent, the patentee is supposed to disclose the invention in the patent document for anyone to practice.

In case an applicant meets all the specified statutory requirements, then the applicant is supposed to draft a patent application. This has to be filed with the patent office.

Every year many new inventions are patented. And even more are rejected due to some copied reasons. Therefore, it is advised to patent search first, to save time and effort.

It becomes necessary to save time and effort which is required for registering your patent. The expert services will help you to be more accurate while filing for patents.

No, the patents are granted on the condition that the details will be disclosed to the general public. Hence it is not possible to keep it a secret.

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Interested in Corporate Training?